Public Waves, LLC

Focus Groups

 Data can identify a dilemma, but it can't always explain why it is occurring. 

Focus groups are useful in explaining why something is occurring and can help create solutions. 

Front-line employees, management, customers, clients; they all have something to contribute to the solution!  

Organizational Services

  • Business & Legal Writing
  • Incorporation
  • Tax Exemption for Non-Profits
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Grant Writing
  • Startup Services


Do you need a seasoned hired-gun? 

We can help with that! 

Whether you need an advocate on Capitol Hill or a contract representative to engage with clients on your behalf; we can find the right person for the job! 

Advocacy and Engagement   

Coming Soon

Restructure or Acquisition

We are in a transition phase into acquiring a new company or restructuring the organization. Stay tuned! 


Resource-based companies are here to stay. Public Waves, LLC is currently meeting with potential buyout candidates in various industrial sectors (metals, electrical, chemicals, energy, and construction). 

NeuroTech & Psychology

Clinical psychology continues to innovate and grow. The field is in its infancy. A restructure into this space is also on the table. Stay tuned!